I have always had a strong passion for photography and design since I can remember, like so many photographers working on their yearbook dark room. Except, I thought that there was no way I would ever be able to make a career out of this art. I studied scientific and technical communications and went on to graduate school trying to fall more in love with technical writing. Unfortunately, a cubicle was not the best place for my very scattered and social self. I found myself digging deeper in design work, my music and photography. Never did I imagine that I would one day be doing this as a career. God works in mysterious ways.

Capturing moments is simply an ingredient in the rewarding photography industry. What I also adore is making connections with families, experiencing the excitement and emotion on a wedding day and creating memories for everyone to cherish forever. Time is so precious and slips by in a blink of a moment, if I could have one wish for my clients, it would be to give them a piece of art that truly reflects their genuine spirit, their relationships, and the love between them. Thank you for letting me share in your celebrations, some big and even the little joys that are oh so precious. Looking forward to our next adventure together!


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